Infant to Pre-Kindergarten


Little Blooms provides high quality infant care with a beautiful nursery designed for your baby to feel at home.  A typical day in the nursery involves activities that help your infant explor music and develop motor skills by listening to classical music, engaging in a sing a long or listening to a story.   All activities are age appropriate and are facilitated by the staff to help each baby with his/her emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth.

We know how hard it is to be away from your baby, which is why strive to communicate all your babies activities in the daily information sheets.  You will know exactly what has happened and how your infant felt the entire day. 


Little Blooms features multiple age appropriate activities for toddlers, exploring their newly-found autonomy guided by their teachers. There is a strong focus on language development, physical growth and exploring the environment. Typical activities of your toddler's day may include: dress up, music, learning centers, working alongside other children on art projects, basic puzzles, exposure to cause and effect toys and so much more!

Pre-K 3

The preschool at Little Blooms will expose your child to various learning centers where they will be challenged physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.  Children will work individually and in groups to promote socialization.  Children will learn through appropriate play based activities.  They are free to observe, discover, and interact with materials at their developmental levels.  Some of the activities include dramatic play, block building and creative arts with other children, role playing, learning to deal with conflict, beginning to cut, paste and enhance fine motor development.  Math becomes a key learning area and children will learn by grouping objects into categories, matching and classifying, basic introduction of size and weights and problem solving. 

Pre-K 4

A more structured environment using hands on learning experiences will help your child prepare for kindergarten.  Learning centers with various activities revolving around the monthly theme introduce your children to math, language, reading, social and physical skills  Children will continue to grow in using their fine motor skills through activities such as drawing and cutting. Students will be introduced to geography, engage in science activities, observe life cycles, as well as problem solve with teachers and classmates.  Group activities such as obstacle courses, music and movement and various other activities continue to enhance your child's physical development.  

Cultural Diversity - Geography

Children are given appropriate learning activities that build on their previous and existing knowledge.